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The Eastside Christian Church Mission Fund exists to advance the mission of making Jesus Christ known through responsible stewardship of gifts made to the fund and proceeds from the fund dispersed in accordance with the church bylaws and Eastside Outreach objective – Generosity and service are at the heart of Eastside Outreach. We believe one of the best ways to make a difference in someone’s life is to demonstrate the love of God through giving and serving.

 The Eastside Christian Church Mission Fund Committee receives applications from persons and organizations, and makes recommendations to the Leadership Team for approval. The Leadership Team, with input from Staff and Elders, makes all decisions as to the final disbursement of grants from the fund.

 Each application must have a member of the Mission Fund Committee and/or Staff member designated as its “partner.” Project sponsors support the application and are available to explain the impact of the initiative on the overall Eastside Outreach objective.

 Applications for grants are due the last business day of August by 5 p.m. They must be submitted by Staff or Eastside Outreach partner to the Mission Fund Committee for review at its first meeting following the application deadline date. The Mission Fund Committee will forward recommendations for grants to the Leadership Team. 


Any mission receiving funding will be required to submit a monthly “Report from the Field” either to its Partner via email or through the reporting form on the Eastside Christian Church website at www.discovereastside.com. This monthly report allows the Mission Fund Team to learn about and pray for its supported missions as well as determine the need for future funding. At the end of each funding year, the Mission Team will provide Elders with evaluations of each mission and recommendations for future funding. Any applicant not completing the “Report from the Field” on a regular basis will not be considered for future funding.

 Any party funded must acknowledge the Eastside Christian Church Mission Fund for its sponsorship, gift, underwriting and generosity in making the project possible. This acknowledgement encourages others to contribute to the Mission Fund and to propose future missions.

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Phone Number of Primary Contact:
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